About Us

Christian Brands Gift is a trade exclusive catalog with over 60 years in the Inspirational Gifts market. Our rich heritage and experience drives us to become a valued partner to our resellers. We work hand-in-hand with each of our resellers to help them reach their goals and become partners in their success.

We travel the world to design and source exclusive, quality products at the best price. Christian Brands has spent many years building strong relationships with suppliers. Our Asian, European and domestic sources have made it possible for Christian Brands to offer over 4800 unique products to our resellers. Our one-of-a-kind product selection sweeps a broad scope of categories from keepsakes and collectibles to home decor.

Christian Brands is a company not only dedicated to Christian products, but a Christian way of life. Our team is committed to making Christian Brands the number one source for Christian products. It is our daily prayer that we can continue to run a successful business offering products that support the Christian community, and help Christians around the world share their relationship with the Lord
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